IN AN IDEAL WORLD At California’s infamous Soledad prison, feature documentary IN AN IDEAL WORLD profiles three men struggling to move beyond old school politics and break from the stark reality of America’s “locked down” racial order.
Inside/Out A 30-minute documentary, Inside/Out asks whether change is possible for life-term prisoners participating in a novel alternatives to violence workshop.
BLOODLINES: Technology Hits Home A one-hour documentary broadcast nationally on PBS, BLOODLINES reveals firsthand how new life technologies are raising ethical, legal and social dilemmas as cutting-edge science intersects with ordinary people and the law. [Read reviews]
A Question of Genes A two-hour national PBS documentary, A Question of Genes explores the choices, hopes and quandaries of ordinary people confronting genetic tests. [Read reviews]
Just Passing Through A 30-minute PBS documentary, Just Passing Through chronicles the exploits of six adjudicated youth as they try to prove themselves on a court-ordered wilderness adventure.
Technology with a Twist Video portraits in the San Jose Tech Museum’s permanent exhibit, Genetics: Technology with a Twist.
Genomic Revolution Profiles of patients testing for genetic markers in the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit, The Genomic Revolution.
X-RAY VISIONS: A Story in Medicine A public art installation incorporating photographs made from filmmaker Noel Schwerin’s x-rays and excerpts from her clinical record.

ASSEMBLAGE 26 A showcase of Noel Schwerin’s x-ray art in the architecture and design theory journal.
Doctors’ Diaries A ten-year portrait of six aspiring doctors as they go through medical training. Broadcast nationally by PBS on NOVA.
The Big Spill A look at the failure of technology and policy in preventing, containing and cleaning up the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Broadcast nationally by PBS on NOVA.
Yellowstone’s Burning Question An exploration of the natural and scientific response to the 1988 fires in Yellowstone National Park. Broadcast nationally on PBS on NOVA.
Freud Under Analysis A profile of the creator of psychoanalysis and his controversial legacy fifty years after his death. Broadcast nationally by PBS on NOVA.

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